RIPPED FROM THE HEADLINES, THE INTERSECTION saga is a breakneck blur between real history and fictional mystery. As a modern-day historical epic of military conflicts, unconventional espionage, dark family legacies, romance and redemption, the tri-trilogy collection of novels covers the span of five decades, travels four continents, and engages in three major military conflicts. Shaped by an entwined ancestral legacy, the members of seemingly unrelated families of unconventional spies begin to uncover and expose each other's sordid secrets (some, intentionally... others, unwittingly).

Compelling and offbeat, the Intersection saga is driven by the sharp-tongued wit and waggish dysfunction of catalytic characters who promise to keep readers guessing  (and laughing!) from one Intersection to the next. The relatable, flawed characters who bring the saga to life are forced to chase guarded mysteries that may ultimately make enemies of kin, lovers of strangers, allies of adversaries, and reveal hidden intersections with historical events that dramatically change the course of their lives... perhaps even history itself. 

 The First Trilogy

ML YOST'S INTERSECTION SAGA KICKS OFF with a heart-stopping, heartwarming, full-tilt trilogy marked by a clock-ticking sprint through a thirteen-day window in December of 2015 that was thirty years in the making. Complicated by a deathbed disclosure with its own ticking clock, the first trilogy is a revelation of intersecting quests for closure that each come with consequences far deeper than the pursuits themselves.


Book 1

A GATEWAY NOVEL INTO THE INTERSECTION spy saga, Conflict of Intrigues is a sensual psychological thriller of unconventional espionage where an inexplicable attraction between former intelligencers fans a firestorm of conflicting interests that could ultimately burn more than just the two who ignited it. Their chance encounter in a London bookshop sparks instant chemistry between the man trying to uncover a secret and the only woman who may be able to give him answers... or she may just be the one to keep them from him.

A trajectory-defining, 36-hour dash through the Marylebone Intersection, Conflict of Intrigues is a mere warmup for the offbeat Intersection series.

Release Date 06 DEC 2022


Book 2

NO TIME LOST, DESERT STORM WARNING: The Dubai Intersection continues the momentum of the first novel, kicking off  with a quick rewind into the last hour of Conflict of Intrigues to posthumously peek behind the ending's curtain and pivot to Katherine's perspective.
While Jon was navigating his unexpected intersection with MI6 on the train ride back to Camberley, Katherine boards her red-eye to Dubai where a storm of subterfuge awaits. Despite her promising intersection with the Sandhurst professor, the couple's fiery banter is now relegated to remote communications until she returns to Marylebone.
Soon, jet-lag and travel-induced sleep deprivation become a dangerous accelerant to Katherine's chronic insomnia, making for a rocky start to her quarterly business trip to the UAE. Although her Middle-Eastern second family has her back, it might take reinforcements from the UK to survive when a quondam ghost infiltrates the 'family' that should be protecting her. When the sins of the past return to haunt protagonist and antagonist alike, it takes mere hours for things go from bad to worse, threatening to derail the redemption dangled in Conflict of Intrigues.

 Release date: 16 AUG 2023

Book 3
A TURNING POINT FOR THE SAGA, Third Degree Byrne the Black Site Intersection brings the first trilogy to a jarring apex. 
Katherine returns to London unaware her Dubai storm has arrived in the UK ahead of her as Jon's exposure of his own tortured past threatens to drive Katherine's secrets into the spotlight. While this third installment in the Intersection Saga may bring closure to many of the mysteries entangling Jon and Katherine, the new questions raised will carry a much greater burden to pursue. 
Release date: 06 NOV 2024

 The Second Trilogy

A STEP BACK IN TIME TO the early 1970s, the next three books explore the origin stories of key characters and the catastrophes that became the framework for the clandestine crash revealed in the first trilogy.  

Book 4 - This novel dives deep into the histories of the two main characters, beginning with the parental trauma underpinning the Markston family rift. Then, against the backdrop of 9/11 and the War in Iraq, the story reveals catalytic intersections hinted at in the first trilogy as well as new intersections of intrigue which generate more questions than they answer as it pumps the breaks at the initial storyline's present-day (2015).

Book 5Opening at the institution of "direct rule" over Northern Ireland by the UK Government (1972) the saga follows the epic journey of the ensemble's most beloved patriarch through the storyline's present-day (2015). From the courtship of "a love to which all other loves should aspire" to his place in history, being deployed to Northern Ireland, Iran, Lebanon, Sierra Leone, Falkland Islands and others, ultimately revealing his role, incidental and intentional, in the intersections of other key characters.

Book 6This intense flashback examines a slice of the human impact of The Troubles in Ireland. This revealing lens on the backstory of the ensemble's most reviled antagonist brings this epic traffic-jam of intersections full-circle, and finally shining a light on the drama behind the multi-decade, multi-family riff.

 The Final Trilogy

RESUMING WHERE THE BLACK SITE INTERSECTION paused, the final tri-trilogy brings the Intersection saga full circle. Many dark secrets now exposed between the overlapping circles of trust, both protagonists and antagonists recognize that, to move forward, some may have to be exposed to the public at large. Several of those secrets could put lives at risk to reveal... one may risk lives if they don't... forcing them to confront their entwined family legacies. 

Lured by efficacy but embattled by the risks, the conflict over how and by whom the mantle is to be on-carried sparks an unexpected twist that will either bind them together... or irrevocably tear them apart.


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